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Accounting and Book keeping

We provide part time and periodic accounting and accounting supervision services by qualified and professional accountants.

Corporate Training

We also offer Corporate Training to support your own in-house accountant, bookkeeper or computer accounting system. We can outsource accounting professionals.

Management Auditing

Management Auditing is management’s estimate of future results and is based on assumptions it expects to exist and the course of actions it expects to take.

ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation is the implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions to improve operations and provide faster customer response.


Our specialists work to understand the dynamics of your organization so that your specific accounting needs are taken care. We provide management with information vital to the functioning of the business. We ensure that you are fully compliant with regulatory requirements and you meet the reporting deadlines.

Compliance & Filing

Once registered for VAT in UAE , you will be required to file periodic statutory declarations. In particular, a VAT return will need to be filed (3 Months), which summarises all the taxable transactions that your business made in that specific period.

  • Advice on the periodic provision of data.
  • Cloud-based platform for information sharing & transfer.
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Excellence provides the Accounting service on basis of scope of work with competitive service charges and customized solution, our services are:
VAT Accounting
Software Implementation
Supervising and Reviewing
Forecasts, Budgets and Projections.


Our specialist accountants will help you through the business, managing all the nitty-gritty, so you can concentrate on your business.